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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This word passion pops up quite a bit in my photography conversations lately. Yes, I am totally passionate about it......can't wait to get my camera in my hand and start snapping away. I need inspiration, no doubt, but my life is such that it's all around me. I am so happy to have artists in so many different forms around me at all times. I feed off of the energy and use the fuel to ignite my passion. So, if you want to come get a piece of the passion, email me about our workshop. Kathy and I are destined to work together, to teach together and inspire together. She is the reason my love of the art took off and I can't wait to share that with everyone as a team with her. What an amazing mentor and bff! Our workshop will be held on Oct 24th. Additional day of shooting on the 25th if you choose!

Oct 24th-All day workshop with cocktail after party 395.00
Oct 25th-Addt'l day of shooting 100.00

Email me or Kathy for more info!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The past few weeks....

I've been busy. I can't lie. It's been nuts. Day job transitions, a possible move on the horizon, 2.5 year old twins going wild at times. HOWEVER, I am loving photography and it's keeping me grounded and things in perspective. As a photog, you get to escape into someone else's life for a few hours which is nice for a full time stay at home work at home mom. Kind of like going to the movies where you forget about your reality for a bit of time. It's fun, I love it and I keep learning so much more about myself, my life and mostly my art.....So I shot a beautiful wedding for two fools in love and a beautiful family and I escaped into both like I was supposed to! Good times!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two nite nites

Gavin became extremely attached to the 2 blankets (he calls them his "Two nite nites"that he and Aubrey got as shower gifts before they were born around 18 months. Aubrey could care less so she shared her "nite nite" with Gavin and he was hooked from that point on. For those of you wondering if we let him take it everywhere, the answer is NO. Just at home he partakes in the nite nite action. Anyhoo..he was watching me edit photos today, holding and smelling his nite nite and I asked him if he wanted to go take pictures with it. He is usually anti-photoshoots (happens when your mom's a photog and won't get the darn camera out of your face). So we did, he was in heaven, smelling, feeling the silk lining, and smiling the whole time. Oh and Aubrey got in on the action as well......she loves the camera and the camera loves her......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Dad, without you, where would I be? I found the perfect mate because of you. I got my 3 point shot because of you. I got my hustle/sales skills because of you. My love for gadgets, cameras and all new techy things because of you. I got my eyes because of you and I love you forever dad! Thanks for making me tough, but sweet.......you're the best! Let's go shoot some trap soon!

To the love of my life, thanks for everything. For sweeping me off my feet at the tender age of 21, baggage and all....for helping me remember my old althetic self and taking me down to a small little college in Central Florida. For making me feel like a total rock stars wife (still, to this day!) while everyone knew me as "Josh's Girl" throughout college and your amazing basketball career. For being a humble, silent leader and a TRUE man of God without having to say a word. Gosh, that is just the hottest thing ever, seriously! For our 2 amazing miracle twins who have more then brought you and I closer as a team. I can't imagine life without you or them. You are truely the most amazing father and our kids are just as much in awe of you as I am. And for our future, I can't wait to see what it holds. You are truly amazing and I am so proud to be your wife! THANK YOU BABE-O!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cece 7 weeks!

I love it when parents want to capture the first year of their baby's life with frequent shoots. I was lucky enough to be friends with an amazing photog ,Kathy Carlisle, when my twins were born. Man, we did so many shoots, which was a total win-win for us both. I got great images while she had the most BEAUTIFUL set of twins to add to her portfolio. Fast forward to now, we are still friends and she has instilled in me the "give back" mantra. So I picked the Fairbens and their beautiful baby Cecelia to be my "first year" family/baby. All is well, Cece is waking up from her newborn slumber, but all in all, they are kicking some first time parent arse! She is by far the prettiest 7 week old I have shot! Can't wait till her 6 month.....


Welcome baby Lincoln! Rosie had a sucessful VBAC and so far everything is happy and healthy. I had a blast hanging with big sis Regan and the proud parents this past week. They are doing an amazing job! Goes to show that that second time around ain't so bad......Congrats to you crazy kids and I am sure this is the first of many more babies I will be shooting for you! ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweaty Bettys

Oh how I love my girls at Box Wine Betty. Jessie and Kaarin are about as sweet as they come...BUT they are kinda bad too, which I like. Some how I have always gravitated to the girls that really don't like to follow rules or go with mainstream. Jessie is actually the lil sis to one of my best friends in high school. Erin introduced me to her Jessie 17 years ago! I feel old. Anyhoo, Jessie and I reconnected after a funeral this past October brought me and Erin back together after a few years. So, like in the movie "The Big Chill", old friends reunited after a tragedy and have a blast. And now we hang out all the time. Sweaty Betty is Box Wine Betty's new workout line that can be worn at the gym or around town or even out on a hot date. I love these clothes, they are so comfy and the detail is impeccable! I tip my hat off to Jessie and Kaarin for all the long nights in front of the screen printer and making sure all the models had something amazing to wear for the shoot. Oh, and the shoot went great...I invited Kathy and Bianca, my photog soul sisters to see all the hype and awesomeness (not a word, I know but I likey! Also not a word...I digress) of the Box Wine Betty girls. Beautiful girls with great stories and warm souls = best photoshoot so far! Thanks ladies!! Here's some pretties from the day...

Twins Rock!

Twins Rock!